Notice: In Regards to Deleting the App

If you delete the app, your game play data will be lost.
*You will also lose your Gems.

If your device breaks or you lose your data before you generate a Data Transfer Password, you will not be able to recover data. Unfortunately, we are also unable to offer compensation for any losses in this case.

You will now need both your ID (9 characters/numbers) and your Data Transfer Password to recover your data.

Please generate your Data Transfer Password if you haven't already.
You can generate your Data Transfer Password by tapping "Data Transfer" on the title screen.

■Generating Your Data Transfer Password and ID

1. Tap the "Data Transfer" button on the title screen.

2. Tap "Generate Data Transfer Password"

3. Once you have read through all the information regarding data transfers, tap "Generate Data Transfer Password" at the bottom of the screen.

4. Your Data Transfer Password will be generated and displayed onscreen. Be sure to take a screenshot or write it down.